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Choosing therapy can be scary; meeting someone new and sharing deeply personal experiences can be intimidating. Just because something feels uncomfortable initially doesn’t mean it can’t be helpful.

I'm glad you are here. 

Reynolds Counseling
Reynolds Counseling office

Services Provided

Individual Therapy

While the first appointment can be overwhelming, there is something meaningful about sharing space with another human, unloading your fears and burdens, allowing space for healing, and putting in the work to meet your goals. My office is located in Winston Salem, NC.


Whether it is easier to connect to therapy from home or the office, or you prefer the safety offered virtually, we offer telehealth appointments. As a postpartum mental health therapist, I know new moms might find telehealth to be an easier option to access care. Please opt for a telehealth visit if you feel ill.

First Visit - $210
Regular Session - $180


Insurances Accepted
I provide Superbills upon request

Licensed in North Carolina and Virginia.

Good Faith Estimate

You're entitled to a good faith estimate. This requires healthcare professionals to provide uninsured or self pay clients a “good faith estimate” for the cost of their health care prior to receiving services. This will show the cost of items or services reasonably expected at the time of your service. If you receive a bill for more than $400 above the estimate, you can dispute the bill. 

Reynolds Counseling
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